The 2019 ABQ Pack
The 2019 ABQ Pack
The 2019 ABQ Pack
The 2019 ABQ Pack
The 2019 ABQ Pack

The 2019 ABQ Pack

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The 2019 ABQ Pack is here!

This is a 48 page digital download created to help you maximise marks in this year's Leaving Certificate Business Applied Business Question (ABQ) based on Units 1, 2 & 3!

Whats included?

  • An introduction on 'How to answer the ABQ & the H1 Student'
  • The last 10 years of ABQ Past Paper Q’s with Keywords you'd need to use to answer them if asked again, from Unit 1,2 & 3 
  • A look at 5 Easy Errors a student would potentially make doing the 2019 ABQ - Like how to give a direct quote, how to answer different verbs, how much to write - all with sample answers to help you understand! 
  • 2 Sample ABQ’s based on Units 1,2 & 3, with solutions and marking schemes
  • Other possible sample Q’s and Keywords you should prepare for the 2019 exam
  • An 80/80 ABQ answer from a real script from the 2018 Leaving Cert (Units 5,6 & 7)

And all for half of the price of one grind!

Who is it for?

This is for the student looking to maximise their marks in the 2019 ABQ - its always the area students worry about most, and this pack is here to highlight potential pitfalls and offers tips for how to overcome them!

This product is a digital download, downloadable immediately after purchasing or from an email we’ll send to you when you purchase.